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Breakfast House: 1817 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL


shrimp and grits breakfast house omelette with articoke mushroom and swiss

This adorable downtown restaurant is a favorite of some members of my family but somehow took me 2+ years of living in the area to actually try.

A morning meeting nearby finally led Gabriel and I to the opportunity and we arrived to find a sweet, homey, atmosphere with colorful chairs, flowers and decor, and a great mix of other patrons.

A friendly waitress brought us menus and ice water and a fresh orange juice at my request. The special omelette was too tempting to pass up and I made my choice right after hearing it’s description. Gabriel was happy to see one of his favorites on the menu- and easily decided to order the shrimp and grits after the waitress’s rave review.

Everything arrived quickly, and was perfect. My omelette with artichokes, gruyere and mushrooms hit the spot, and the toast with jam was just right on the side. Gabriel’s shrimp and grits really was fantastic- quite possibly the best we’ve had, and a sure thing to be ordered again when we go back.

It shouldn’t have taken us this long to eat here…we will definitely go again. If it’s a little cooler outside we will probably sit in the garden in back- it’s all rather sweet and welcoming. Maybe we’ll see you there!