Ok, this has nothing to do with food…but everything to do with good taste.


quinny stroller Prezi car seat

I realize my readers are generally the type (like me) who want to hear about delicious things to eat…It’s a very rare occasion when I totally stray from the topic and use my big mouth for something else. This is one of those times.

I am so excited to be expecting my first baby July 31st and a dear friend of mine who designs for some top-of-the-line baby companies was kind and generous enough to email me asking, “So, what do you need for the baby?” Being that we had only just begun choosing products to put on a registry, and we were up to our elbows in boxes getting ready to move from a rental to our new home, my husband and I kind of laughed and said, “ummm, everything”. I figured she was going to send us some receiving blankets, cool printed bibs or the like. When she got back to me and asked if we needed a car seat and a stroller, I was completely floored.

Fast forward a few weeks and we were finally in our new house. To add to the seemingly endless pile, two more BIG boxes arrived at our front door. Still facing the daunting task of unpacking about 55 boxes, the 2 boxes got added to the pile for a few days until my curiosity took over and I stopped unpacking the zillions of boxes of kitchen utensils to open something FAR more exciting.

Inside of these 2 mystery boxes were the most gorgeous stroller and car seat I’ve ever seen. The stroller is Quinny Moodd and the car seat is Maxi-Cosi Prezi. The colors are a tasteful neutral sand and a vibrant dark blueish/purple- one of my favorite colors in the world incidentally. I pretty much squealed as we put the pieces together and took it for a spin around the house with our dog eagerly following. The stroller glides as smoothly as is possible and the car seat clicks easily into it’s base or the stroller as needed.

I seriously feel like I just won the lottery.

We would NEVER have dreamed that our baby would be so lucky as to ride in such high-style, high-quality and luxury.

A MILLION thank yous to Quinny USA, Maxi-Cosi and of course, our amazing friend Alison Stomberg Campion. Your generosity is so appreciated…words do not even begin to explain how happy we are and how lucky we feel.



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