Introducing my new guest writer, Littleforkinmouth!


 Hello! I’m Baby Q, otherwise known as Littleforkinmouth, and my mama asked me to write an entry about my special 4th of July dinner. She made me some super yummy stuff to celebrate when my neighbors tried to keep me up all night exploding stuff and putting fire in the sky. My pretty blue plate included a veggie dog with sauerkraut on a whole wheat roll, corn on the cob, grilled mushrooms and zucchini, fennel salad with apples and red onions with a lemony oil dressing and some cut up watermelon. I still don’t have any teeth but I do pretty well anyway. I have a really good appetite and surprise mama a lot with foods she wouldn’t expect me to like, such as octopus, lemons, and olives. I tried the fennel first and it was really good. I especially liked sucking the lemony oil off of it. I didn’t trust the hot dog even though mom promised it wasn’t made of real animals, but I did like the roll with the funny shredded sour stuff on it. The zucchini was kind of mushy and Figgy the dog seemed to like it a lot so I gave it to her. The mushrooms were ugly. I didn’t want those in my mouth or my hands at all so I left them where they were. The corn was heavy and too hard to hold. Mom cut it up a little more for me but by then I remembered that I love watermelon most of all and didn’t want anything else in it’s way. I got three more helpings of it once mommy and dad accepted that I didn’t want anything else.

Next year I will definitely be requesting a plate full of watermelon and nothing else. Happy 4th! 

Bye bye!


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