No more 2 or 4 legged animals on my plate!


Now that I’ve finally caught up on my blog, It’s time to announce  my big foodie-related change.

I officially began my new pescetarian way of eating 10 days ago. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means vegetarian plus seafood. More info here:

The guilt of eating animals that I love has finally gotten to me. (well, it’s gotten to me AGAIN. I was a vegetarian for about 10 years in my teens and early twenties.) I’m starting with baby steps this time, just eliminating poultry, red meat, and pork for now. Maybe in the future I will eliminate seafood, eggs and dairy as well. My palate is a little unhappy about this choice, but my mind and heart both feel better already.

As a foodie, this may pose a bit of a challenge here and there. The smell of bacon. The way an awesome burger looks next to fries. The choices that I will be limited to when dining out…

But then I think of the horrible way animals are raised and slaughtered for food and I know I’ve made the right choice.

All it means to this blog is that I will be exploring lots of new things that have come onto the market since my veg days 20 years ago…and that I won’t be doing blood donation and burgers day every 8 weeks anymore. I guess now it will be blood donation and iron pill day. Sigh. Not nearly as tasty.

It probably also means more of my own recipes as I explore a lot more of my own cooking abilities which are under some dust, but definitely ready to come out to play. I do love cooking, and I REALLY love knowing what I’m eating…a little tough to do when you trust someone else to make your meals most of the time. I will definitely continue dining out as well, but my choices will no longer include animals that I’d really love to cuddle with if given the opportunity. If any of you have restaurant or recipe suggestions, they are VERY welcome! Send ’em my way.

Thanks for reading. Keep on eating.




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  1. Shrimp risotto, arancini w/ mozzarella, baked stuffed lobster…. let me know if you’d like any of these recipes!
    I do know how you feel. I swore off meat for almost 2 years and STILL have a real hard time eating beef & often think of doing without…

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