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Cafe L’Europe: 431 St. Armands Circle, Sarasota, FL


On a gorgeous day in St. Armands Circle, I met my mom outside at Cafe L’Europe for lunch. Our waiter brought us fresh bread and olive oil with herbs right away along with ice water and menus and I made my decision quickly after hearing the specials.

I had the half wrap/salad special which included a delicious Bourbon Pecan salad: Baby greens, cornbread croutons, candied pecans, bourbon-maple dressing and a half wrap of seared tuna, avocado, wasabi mayo and veggies. The fish was super fresh and perfectly seared, and the wrap was a wonderful mix of flavors. The croutons on the salad were noteworthy with their crunchy, corn-bready goodness.

Overall, for a VERY reasonable price of $12, I had a lovely lunch, great service and an excellent experience that will surely warrant a return visit.

The Ranch Grill: 14475 State Rd 70, Bradenton, FL


Gabriel and I were house hunting today and found ourselves starving for lunch and in an area that didn’t have many restaurants around. We turned the corner and found The Ranch Grill and figured we’d just go there and hope for the best. We were seated right away in the mostly empty restaurant (it was a pretty odd time for a meal) and before we opened our menus, I decided to check out Yelp.com for reviews. Uh oh. 1.5 stars. Not good. We were too hungry to care and decided to disregard the poor ratings since only 3 reviews had written entries. Generally speaking, unless there are 20 of more, I don’t really take the ratings to heart. I figured I would just have to see for myself.

The menus had a lot to offer, and after asking our friendly waiter about side salads, we were informed that we could add a side garden or caesar salad for $2 to the $8 appetizers we planned to order. Perfect. We chose the chicken quesadillas and the chicken cordon bleu bites to share and each ordered a garden salad.

Everything came out quickly, and I especially liked the slope-y, lopsided bowls that the salads came in. The apps were presented in a colorful and appealing way, looking and smelling delicious. My bleu cheese dressing was noteworthy with it’s large chunks of cheese, and the salad ingredients were very fresh and crisp. The chicken bites were hot and melty and although there wasn’t a ton of chicken in them, the honey mustard dipping sauce added a nice flavor and coolness to the cheesy snack. The quesadillas had great texture  contrasted by the creamy, cool guacamole and sour cream and we gobbled every bit up, including the diced peppers that adorned the plate.

Overall, for $20 we had a great lunch and had already planned to return…This plan was reenforced when later on in the day, when I looked at their Facebook page, I just so happened to find a dealsaver.com deal for $10 for $20. What a weird coincidence…Well, better late than never. I immediately purchased the coupon so that we could return for a repeat lunch someday soon. Very satisfying indeed- and even more so for half the price!