Mythos Restaurant: 1000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, FL



The love of my life proposed to me early on Saturday morning Sept 15th at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. I couldn’t be happier…and I’m quickly finding out that being engaged means lots of great treatment and freebies at restaurants. SCORE. Not the main reason I’m so happy and excited, but definitely a very nice perk ūüôā

After riding a bunch of roller coasters, we were starving for lunch. In my pre-park research, I’d read that Mythos was rated the top theme park restaurant in the country. I perused the menu online, saw that the prices were pretty reasonable, and we decided we’d head there for lunch. It happened to be about 30 seconds from the exact spot that Gabriel had proposed to me that morning.

We arrived to a very short waiting time, and were seated in about 10 minutes in an awesome spot. The atmosphere here is very cool. It’s like a mythical cavern with fountains, waterfalls, and a great view of the lake and the park. Our waiter was very attentive right from the start, and having been informed by Gabriel that we were newlygaged, offered us each a glass of wine on the house. Awesome! He also brought some warm bread and butter over to us and told us about some delicious sounding specials. Being that it was lunch time on a hot day, we both skipped the rich/heavy specials and ordered salads.

I had the baby Spinach Salad with¬†blueberries, hard cooked egg, blue cheese crumbles¬†and a warm bacon vinaigrette. The salad was excellent- the vinaigrette was especially tasty, both sweet and savory and the perfect complement to the green and cheese. Gabriel had the¬†Ahi Tuna Carpaccio¬†with nori rice rolls, spring field greens and soy vinaigrette and it was also fantastic. This did NOT seem like typical theme park food at ALL and we were really impressed with the quality of the ingredients, the lovely presentation and the incredibly attentive service. We both cleaned our plates when, as a lovely surprise, the waiter appeared with a special warm chocolate and banana dessert for us- decorated with an adorable, sprinkle-covered ‘congrats’ on the side. What a sweet treat! We felt incredibly well-taken care of and really appreciated the celebration.

Overall, this was a perfect engagement-day lunch and I would absolutely recommend a visit next time you are on vacation in the area! Thank you SO much Mythos, for making our day even more memorable!


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