Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

>Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger: 739 Broadway, NY NY


>What better way to replenish iron levels after blood donation than indulging in a ridiculously large burger?? None that I know of. I love a good burger. I probably eat one every 2 months or so and looked forward to this for a couple of weeks knowing it was coming. The burger menu at Cozy’s is an entire page long. Burgers with just about everything you can think of on them. I decided to go for their signature burger with cheddar, fried onions and mushrooms and Mmmm, good choice. Although I ordered it ‘medium’ it came out closer to well done, but that was just fine by me. Smothered in cheese and toppings, it was basically just a melty, delicious pile of more protein, carbs and fat than one person should really ever consume in one sitting….but ohhhhh so worth it. I figured at that point, I may as well have the classic chocolate egg cream that compliments such an overdo, and compliment it did. So chocolatey good and creamy. To amuse myself, I ordered a side salad instead of the french fries that would have made this a ‘deluxe’ platter. Making the healthy choice at this point is pretty much laughable. That said, I did taste the fries and thought they were kind of undercooked and mushy. I didn’t miss out on those at all.

 The service at this diner was actually pretty awesome. Our waiter was super friendly and funny- when we asked him exactly who had awarded their milkshake as #1, which was boldly written on the menu, he chuckled and basically said that they had given themselves the award. He was attentive and quick to serve our food and refill our water. The atmosphere is exactly what it should be, a cozy, little, old-fashioned, greasy-spoon diner. The burgers are a step or 2 above typical diner food but are priced very fairly. Is this the best burger in the city? No, but it was damn enjoyable, and I will happily be running long today to compensate.