Raul’s Empanadas Town: 63 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ


Gabriel and I were in Morristown, NJ to go horseback riding today and we arrived back at the train station a little bit early. We were pretty thankful about that since we were starving and the little town had lots of cute options. The owner of the stable had mentioned Raul’s as a great choice since it was near the train station, super reasonably priced, fast and tasty.

We glanced over the menu on the wall and quickly decided on the $8.00 (!!!!!) combo for 2 which included 2 beef empanadas, 2 chicken empanadas and 2 sodas. The prices alone were enough to impress us. Clearly we weren’t in Manhattan anymore, Toto.

We got our food to go and took it to eat outside on a bench at the train station. It stayed nice and hot despite the chill in the air, and we welcomed the warmth. Overall, the empanadas were tasty, but not what I think of as authentic at all. The crust tasted a lot like crunchy corn bread- pretty good, but not very empanada-y. The fillings were flavorful and tender. We had also picked up 2 of their sauces: a mango cilantro one and a mildly spicy chipotle salsa, which were a little lacking in flavor, but added the perfect amount of moisture to the semi-dry meat fillings. The pockets o’ meat were pretty small and 2 of them was the perfect size for a small dinner.

If you’re in the area, I would recommend this as a convenient and interesting choice for a meal…especially if you want to spend less than what it costs to feed one person in NYC.


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