Celeste Diner. 63 Tillary st. Brooklyn, NY


After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, I realized that I was kind of in a rush to have a bite to eat and head back home to teach my evening voice lessons. Celeste Diner was the first restaurant that we came across so Gabriel and I popped in for a quick lunch.

We quickly looked over the typical diner menu they brought us and each decided on a wrap with fries for $8.50. When the waitress informed us that sweet potato fries were an option, I got pretty excited. I looooooove sweet potato fries, and these were really good ones. Coleslaw (better than average) and a yummy pickle came with our wraps. The wraps themselves were huge and kind of sloppy, but very good. Mine was grilled chicken, swiss, lettuce and tomato and Gabriel’s was grilled chicken, salsa and avocado (with regular fries)

For a cheap, quick lunch, this was a great stumble-upon choice. Clean, great service, good food. Thanks Celeste!

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