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Peperonata Empanadas: Sarasota Farmer’s Market, Sarasota, Florida


After realizing that there really wasn’t much seafood at the shrimp  and lobster festival at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market yesterday, Gabriel and I decided to get a couple of snacks instead. When I saw that there was an empanada vendor, I went to ask about the beef empanadas. Many years ago, my Argentinian friend made a batch of the most incredible empanadas ever and I’ve never found anything that came close. One of the big differences between the ones he made and the ones I usually see were the raisins. I LOVED the sweetness that they added to the savory beef. Well, you can guess how psyched I was when I asked if these had raisins and was told that indeed they did. YAY!

At $5 for 2, I ordered a beef empanada and Gabriel got the spicy shrimp. They were both excellent- but I was ESPECIALLY excited with mine with included beef, raisins, green olives and hard boiled eggs. Now, I realize that these ingredients don’t sound like they’d be delicious together but PLEASE trust me when I tell you that ohhhhh yes they are.

What an odd coincidence to realize that the empanada vendor was related to the pasta vendor from which a friend picked up some homemade pastas for me that I am picking up later today. If the pasta is even nearly as awesome as the empanadas, I will be a very happy foodie tonight! YUM. Thank you.


Fast N Fresh: 8138 Main Street, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202


My mom, Gabriel and I stopped here for lunch today. They opened fairly recently and it looks clean and cute with it’s bright green chairs at the outside tables. There was no line and we took our time looking over the menu. There are so many great options, from create-your-own salads to panini, sandwiches, soups and wraps. I decided on the you-pick-2 with a Market salad (mandarin oranges, almonds, cranberries, raisins, apples and baby greens) with the raspberry vinaigrette  and the half sandwich (Turkey & Pear – Roasted turkey, cheddar, sliced pear, honey mustard on multigrain). The service was fast but pretty much forgot half of the ingredients for my salad so I had to go back and ask for the almonds, cranberries and raisins. I assume that the employee was new so I guess I can forgive that- but it was a pretty stupid error. The dressing was so-so, but since it’s fat-free, that explains that. I enjoyed my sandwich quite a bit, especially the grainy, thick toast it came on.  Overall, for under $10 to have a healthy and tasty lunch is reasonable in my book. The convenient Main st location and outdoor seating is an added bonus. I’m sure I’ll be back.