>Matter Of Heath: 1478 First ave, NY NY



There are so many things to love about Matter of Heath. It’s a tiny health food store on the UES. Small aisles, but amazing selection. Compared to Elm Health, another favorite in the area, Matter of health is smaller and less fancy, but the prices are almost a buck cheaper on everything. They are also the only place around that carries one of my favorite guilty indulgences. The coconut bliss deep chocolate bars, hidden way in the back of the freezers. Holy wow. So chocolatey and delicious with a subtle but awesome coconut flavor in the background. Hard to not eat the whole box in one sitting. Made with coconut milk instead of cream. NOT low fat, but totally worth it. Lately, however, I’ve been on a health and juice kick, replacing my lunch with carrot, apple, spinach, beet, ginger juice. Today, since it’s so hot out, I wanted something cold instead and got a banana/blueberry ‘sorbet’. Not really sorbet cause it’s just frozen bananas and frozen blueberries blended together, but it really tastes like a guilty treat. SO creamy. Unexpectedly creamy. SO filling. I couldn’t even finish it. This may be my new summer lunch. Perfection. Then there is the wonderful health guru, Dr. Walter Melnicke. He is a PHD Biochemist and the owner of this store. He has the BEST personality and willingness to help, whatever your health concern may be. Make an appt. in his office and it will cost you a pretty penny. Be patient and wait to talk to him on one of the days he’s in the store and you will get the most valuable free advice in the world. He knows his herbs/vitamins/supplements/etc like no other I’ve met. He has helped me with weight issues, skin issues, GI issues, an ulcer, the list goes on. I haven’t been on ‘real’ medicine in a loooong time thanks to him. He ALWAYS puts a smile on my face when I see him. I’m pretty sure he only looks 60, and is actually closer to 80. Such a treasure of a man and a treasure of a store. Try it!


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  1. >Hi Carey, This is Kiley from Coconut Bliss, thank you so much for the bar shout out. They are favorites around our office. It sounds like Matter of Health is an awesome store, and we're honored to be there.Blissful Regards, Kiley

  2. >We really appreciate you helping to spread the word about Coconut Bliss, especially the bars! I found your blog via a complicated series of tubes…. Okay so maybe it was just a quick internet search, but the intertubes sound better 🙂

  3. >Hehe yes, I answer our incoming emails, do our twitter/facebook, and get to read blogs all day + work for an awesome company. I really can't complain 🙂

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