>Susan Lawrence Gourmet Foods: 26 North Greeley Ave. Chappaqua, NY



I grew up in Chappaqua, NY and only get back to visit once in a blue moon. When I do, one of my favorite places to come have lunch is at Susan Lawrence. When you walk in, not only is the atmosphere buzzing with locals, but the displays are so beautiful that it makes you immediately wonder who you need to buy a gourmet food gift for. Colorful ribbons of pasta, sparkly packages of chocolates, the most adorably decorated cookies you’ve ever seen, and cases full of gorgeous cakes and prepared foods. I had a plate of fresh summer corn salad with cilantro, barley with kale and ricotta and a salmon cake with a brioche roll on the side. The perfect summer lunch to take outside and eat sitting at one of the cute tables decorated with amazing flowers. The prices aren’t exactly cheap, but reasonable considering how amazing all of the food is. Apparently their main business is catering and if I ever decide to get married, I know who I want to hire!

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  1. >Ha! My mom has been a regular Susan Lawrence customer for years! Their food is delicious, and even though they're not kosher, they have helped augment my mom's Rosh Hashanah dinners time and time again. And have I ever told you I used to work for their catering service? Oh, the stories I can tell…(Between you and me, whenever you get married, you could do SO much better than Susan Lawrence)

  2. >no I did NOT know that you worked for them..I bet you know some of my high school friends then! My mom uses them to 'help out' with our holiday meals too. Their gefilte fish is pretty excellent.

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