>Rice: 166 Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn, NY (multiple locations)



This is one of the best people watching corners in NY as far as I’m concerned. An awesomely diverse mix of artsy, hip, creative types and young families. Laid-back, casual atmosphere complete with cute pillows made of rice sacks make this a great spot for a late afternoon lunch. My friend and I loved the airy, melt-in-your-mouth rice crackers they brought out for us to nosh on while they prepared our meals. There was a sweet/spicy sauce that sat perfectly in the crevasses of the crackers and we polished off the whole bowl of them in about 45 seconds. I ordered Thai coconut chicken curry with Thai black rice that was steamed in coconut milk. Delicious and really cool looking to boot. My friend ordered the Vietnamese chicken salad with Japanese rice which was equally flavorful, fresh and scrumptious. We shared some chocolate and espresso flavored Ciao Bella gelato for dessert which was the perfect way to end a meal on such a hot day. I would strongly recommend stopping into one of the 4 locations for a meal someday, you will not be disappointed.


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