Cho Cho San: 15 W. 8th st. New York, NY


I had a $10 coupon for the new ‘groupon now’ (for deals that you can buy and use right away within a time limit) and found a deal online for $20 for $30 worth of food at Cho Cho San. When I checked for reviews and found only great things, I knew this was a good place to spend my coupon. So with a $30 credit that I paid $10 for, Gabriel and I headed over for some top-notch sushi.

When we arrived, it was fairly empty and we were given our choice of the best corner booths. Our waiter immediately brought out water, carrots/celery and a soy/miso (I think) dipping sauce (by the way, what you see pictured is after we’d eaten most of them) which I thought was a nice touch given that most Japanese restaurants don’t offer any pre-meal things to munch on.

Aside from the Obama Roll (salmon, mango, black caviar, jalapeno) spicy tuna roll (which a lot of Yelp reviewers said not to miss) and scallop sushi, we were pretty open to the waiter’s suggestions and let him choose the rest for us. He added in an octopus/cilantro roll that was incredible, a perfect shrimp tempura roll and a yellowtail/toro roll that was also fantastic. All of the seafood was perfect quality, beautifully presented and deeeeeeelicious.

I don’t usually bother reviewing sushi restaurants because for the most part, most of them are basically the same, but Cho Cho San was truly above average. Oh, and I totally agree with the Yelpers, the spicy tuna roll was one of the best ones I’ve ever had, overflowing with extra tuna on top. The octopus roll was my favorite of the night, with the Obama roll a close second. If my mouth hadn’t stayed on fire for a half hour after eating it, It would surely have advanced to the best one of the meal.

Even without our groupon, this dinner was worth every penny…but paying a total of $40 for this awesome meal made it taste even better. Check it out!


*photos courtesy of Gabriel Sanders.

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