Plan B Burger Bar: 4 Railroad St. Simsbury, CT


I spent last weekend up at my dear friend’s house in Simsbury, CT, a place I affectionately refer to as The Happy Place. On Sunday, a bunch of us decided to go out for lunch to Plan B Burger Bar and it was a pleasant surprise. I must admit, having lived in NYC for 4+ years now, I’ve gotten pretty spoiled by the endless and wonderful food options and am always a little skeptical of trying non-NY eateries. Plan B proved me wrong- it’s a nothing-fancy kind of place, but in a very cozy, old train station atmosphere complete with Edison lights hanging from meat hooks.

The menu was mostly pub food and great sounding burgers. We all shared the cheese fondue starter which came with loads of fried green beans, soft pretzel nuggets (YUM), tater tots and apple slices. The cheese was creamy and mild and complemented the dip-able items perfectly. For my lunch I ordered the lobster sliders with a side salad. Although the lobster itself was cooked perfectly and lightly seasoned, the little rolls it sat on were soggggggggy and pretty much falling apart. The side salad made up for that though, with some of the best blue cheese dressing I’ve ever had. I would have loved to take a bottle of that home, but it wasn’t available to go.

If I’m in the area again, I’ll be sure to try one of their awesome looking burgers and onion rings. I will now happily admit that I totally understand why the locals love this place. It’s not NYC, but that CAN be a very good thing.

*photos courtesy of Gabriel Sanders.

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