Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Yum Yum: 662 9th Ave (between 46th St & 45th St) New York, NY


I’ve been to Yum Yum (and the other 3 with the same name on the same block) a bunch of times and thought I’d actually review it this time. My photos are a bit lacking because of the dim lighting in the restaurant, but I assure you that the dishes looked much better in person. When in the theater district, a ton of the restaurants are hit or miss, but Yum Yum is pretty consistent. It’s not like it’s the BEST Thai food I’ve ever had, but the price is fair, the service is quick, and the food is pretty tasty.

The prix fixe deal is excellent. $15.95 for “5” courses. Why is the “5” in quotes? Well, 2 of the appetizers are really combined onto one plate and I think it’s a real stretch to call it 2 separate dishes. Even still, and with the fact considered that the portions are fairly tiny, it’s a good deal.

I started with a Tom Yum soup which I really love and get almost every time. Fresh veggies, large shrimp and a mildly spicy broth always warms my belly and takes the hunger edge off. Next I had the dumplings and salad- which are the 2 that come together. When an order of dumplings = 2 pieces, it’s hard not to feel a little ripped off. We also asked for peanut sauce with the salad, but they served us the regular ginger vinegarette instead even though they said they’d bring the peanut one too. Womp Womp. The side of steamed veggies that we got complimented the Pad Thai well and we were glad we added it on. I think the Pad Thai here is the perfect flavor, but missing the raw bean sprouts and lime that usually come alongside the popular dish. Not pictured are the lychees that we had for dessert- one of my favorite fruits.

I’ll continue to go to Yum Yum, despite the small portions and the poor health dept. rating in the window. Given the fact that all of their restaurants are just about always packed, I guess I’m not the only one who thinks it’s pretty darn good.


Dark Horse: 17 Murray St (between Broadway & Church St) New York, NY


Gabriel and I went to get tickets to see the World Trade Center Memorial and had about an hour to kill before we could go in. We searched for a deal in the area for lunch and stumbled onto Dark Horse, which had very good ratings online. It was a dimly lit pub atmosphere with a friendly, though sort of rushy waitress, who sat us right  away.

I ordered a bowl of French onion soup and a mixed salad and thought both were pretty good, but nothing special. The soup didn’t have much flavor, and was a little on the oily side. The salad was fresh but came with a vinegarette when I’d specifically asked for bleu cheese- but oh well. I am sure I could have sent it back if our waitress had been easier to flag down.

With the deal, this lunch was totally worth it- but otherwise, I thought it was pretty run-of-the-mill as far as pub food and service goes.

I doubt I’d go back- but if you’re in the area and can find the same 50% off deal that we found, I guess it’s worth a shot.