Dark Horse: 17 Murray St (between Broadway & Church St) New York, NY


Gabriel and I went to get tickets to see the World Trade Center Memorial and had about an hour to kill before we could go in. We searched for a deal in the area for lunch and stumbled onto Dark Horse, which had very good ratings online. It was a dimly lit pub atmosphere with a friendly, though sort of rushy waitress, who sat us right  away.

I ordered a bowl of French onion soup and a mixed salad and thought both were pretty good, but nothing special. The soup didn’t have much flavor, and was a little on the oily side. The salad was fresh but came with a vinegarette when I’d specifically asked for bleu cheese- but oh well. I am sure I could have sent it back if our waitress had been easier to flag down.

With the deal, this lunch was totally worth it- but otherwise, I thought it was pretty run-of-the-mill as far as pub food and service goes.

I doubt I’d go back- but if you’re in the area and can find the same 50% off deal that we found, I guess it’s worth a shot.




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