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First Watch: 8306 Market St Bradenton, FL


Gabriel and I had breakfast here yesterday. It couldn’t possibly be more convenient as it’s less than a mile from where we live. We were seated in a comfortable booth right away and a VERY smiley and friendly waitress came to bring us menus and a delicious pot of hot coffee. We were a little surprised that the coffee, though it’s served in an unlimited-refills pot, is charged per person, not per pot. Next time we might opt to share one mug 🙂

I ordered the ‘Caps Etc’ for my breakfast and asked for the english muffin to be served dry, and the roasted crimini mushrooms (HOLY YUM!) to be prepared with half the amount of cheese they’d normally use. I ordered my 2 eggs poached and a small fruit salad on the side to share with my honey bunny.

The food came out super fast and looking delicious. It was all exactly as I’d specified and everything tasted great. I even liked the little homefries which aren’t usually my favorite.

The prices were pretty reasonable- except for the per-person coffee price of around $2.50 each. My one cup didn’t really justify that…but Gabriel did end up getting a cup to go which I guess made up for it. My entree was around $8 and the little fruit salad an extra $3.50.

We’ll be back for sure! 


Chock Full O’ Nuts: 25 W. 23rd St. New York, NY


Chock Full O’ Nuts has sort of become a typical meeting spot for my boyfriend and I when we have time to squeeze a workday lunch in. We’ve gone a few times now and I have to say, it’s a great little lunch spot on the edge of Madison Square Park.

Our very friendly and charismatic waiter, Tom, has started recognizing us and always treats us extra-specially well. He, and this coffee shop, are really quite consistently above your typical diner find, and It’s high-time I finally blog about it.

I’ve included pics of my last two meals there- the wrap is one that I’ve ordered twice now. It simply consists of portobellos, arugula, roasted red pepper and zucchini with a light balsamic dressing. It’s nothing particularly fancy or remarkable but it’s just soooooo good. Today I had well-done sweet potato fries on the side (for the same price as the regular ones that come with it! How unusual!) and they were awesome. When I’m in a more breakfast-y mood, the options are endless and always great. The eggs are always cooked perfectly and the bacon is, believe it or not, exceptional. Thick-cut and super crunchy, not greasy.

The prices here are super reasonable and the coffee is always hot, fresh and refilled quickly. I’ve always wanted to be a ‘regular’ somewhere, I guess this is it!


 *photos courtesy of Gabriel Sanders. http://www.magicsandbox.com/enter/Magic_Sandbox.html