Daily Archives: April 28, 2010

>Lenny’s: 1481 2nd Avenue, New York NY (multiple locations)



Well, I usually try not to eat fried garbage, but I was REALLY craving a chicken cutlet sandwich today thanks to someone who mentioned Rocky’s deli to me. (Rocky’s is a deli in the town that I grew up in- pretty much the best deli in the world) I stopped into Lenny’s thinking that a deep-fryer is a deep-fryer no matter where you are. Oiy. Sadly mistaken. There were 3 thin slices of ‘chicken’ on this sandwich- but it was mostly mushy, oily breadcrumbs with some poor quality meat inside.  Ew. The pickles that came with my $8 (!!!) lunch were bendy and chemically..like the ones that come from a grocery store jar (aka: not worth my time) So, I guess the happy ending of this story is that I only ate half. Nice way to turn what would have been a caloric/fat content splurge into something that I didn’t feel particularly guilty about. Next time I’ll rent a car and drive up to Rocky’s.