Daily Archives: April 29, 2010

>Crumbs Bake Shop: 1371 3rd Avenue New York, NY (multiple locations)



These cupcakes *look* amazing. They are huge and adorable and beg you to ignore how overpriced they are. I must admit, I’ve brought them to parties purely because they make a great presentation. (Though, now that I’ve actually tried them, I promise I won’t be doing that anymore) Thinking of stopping in to treat yourself? Don’t bother. They are sickeningly sweet, even for a serious sugar-freak like myself. The cake is dry and tastes like it came from a supermarket mix. The frosting is too thick, super oily and waaaaaaay too corn syrupy. Some of the cake flavors are filled with a center of flavorless goo. Ew.
Please see the review of Kyotofu immediately.