>Lemongrass Thai Grill: 1571 2nd Ave. NY NY



I decided to try a different thai place for delivery tonight. I am generally a ‘Land’ loyal, but order from there so frequently that I thought it was worth trying another for variety’s sake. This really sounds like I am setting myself up for disaster. I ordered 2 apps: chicken satay and a salad, and one of my favorite foods in the world; mango sticky rice. I must admit, the chicken was actually excellent. Slightly crispy with the standard peanut dipping sauce. The salad was also good- the expected basic thai salad. The mango sticky rice was the disappointment I’d set myself up for with my unrealistic expectations. Land has spoiled me and this proved it. This was simply a mound of sticky rice, which was decidedly more mushy, less sticky, with sliced not-quite-ripe mango and sesame seeds. NO amazing delicious coconut tapioca milky goodness to pour over the top! Oh, so sad. So boring. So overpriced at $7 for plain rice and mango? What? That ridiculous. I’m sorry Land. I will not stray again.


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