>Chicky’s on 86th: 355 East 86th st, New York, NY



I can easily get 2 meals out of this less-than-$10 platter, and it’s delivered in under 20 minutes. Grilled chicken, tzatziki sauce (cucumber, garlic,yogurt, Mmm), Greek salad, mixed veggies, fresh pita. It is fine, not remarkable, but absolutely fine.  The chicken is a huge portion of sliced white meat, seasoned nicely and not at all greasy. The veggies were overcooked but passable. The salad had more cheese than lettuce, and I wound up taking more than half of it off. The pita was really fresh and  good- but in the past I have definitely gotten stale ones. I wouldn’t go out of your way for Chicky’s, but in a pinch it’s a pretty decent choice.
If you want REALLY good chicken, check out my review on Pio Pio.


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  1. >I will plan to try Chicken Festival…it's been suggested by a few different people now. I've been loyal to Pio Pio since they are much older, and were here first (among a few other locations) and when chicken festival opened up, it seemed to be a blatant knock-off of the often overcrowded Pio Pio….I guess I'll have to give it a shot though…but it's gonna be hard for me to have a truly open mind since I'm mad about Pio.

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