>Curry shrimp salad: Chez Carey


>This is by special request for trainer Joe from Equinox. You’re welcome Joe! 🙂
The next time I actually make it I will add a picture to this post. I love to make this salad to bring to BBQs and the like, or for myself for lunch on a picnic-y kind of day. It definitely feels like summer food to me.
The recipe is merely a list of ingredients…You really can’t go wrong. I always just eyeball the amounts of stuff and use what I have in the house already. You can take or leave ingredients as needed. You can also easily substitute the shrimp for chicken. Just mix all of this together and serve. If you want a pretty presentation, take the pit out of an avocado and put a few scoops of this salad in it’s place.
So here is the list:
One can of shrimp (I add this when making a large portion for budgeting purposes…but certainly feel free to leave it out if you want to just use fresh shrimp)
1 lb fresh cooked shelled de-veined shrimp
light mayo – just a tiny bit
lemon or lemon juice. (lime works well too)
curry powder (add a little at a time until you get the flavor you want)
red grapes
cut up apple
cashews or almonds, chopped slightly
a little cilantro and/or dill and/or parsley
Avocados (if you want to make a nice presentation)

Enjoy!! It’s a really delicious summer meal.


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