>Hatsuhana: 17 East 48th st. New York, NY (multiple locations)



I wish I could remember to take the photograph *before* I start eating. I may need to hire someone to remind me since it seems I always remember after the first few bites…You will notice that the top right dish is totally empty. Oops. That was a scrumptious piece of seared salmon with seaweed salad. Clockwise from there, spicy salmon roll, scallop sushi, salmon sushi, yellowtail sushi, and WOW toro sushi. Top left is a cucumber jellyfish salad, and in the middle a seared tuna in ponzu sauce. These were the restaurant week specials- which began with a pretty standard miso soup and salad. What a wonderful sushi experience, the kind that makes those subpar 7.95 lunch specials at other restaurants seem like a waste of time (and stomach space). The quality of the fish here is so incredible, it really changes everything. The service was excellent as well, efficient, fast and polite but not invasive. I’ve been meaning to try Hatsuhana for a long time since it’s my brother’s favorite sushi spot, and I am so glad that I finally made it!


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