>Purple Elephant Cake Boutique: 1212 Lexington Ave. NY NY



I saw an online deal (kbgdeals.com) this morning to get 6 cupcakes for $8 and since this is a new bakery near me with a cute name and an even cuter logo, I figured I’d give it a shot. Normally, those same 6 would have cost a whopping $16.50.

It’s a tiny, adorable storefront in a great location on Lexington ave, and the staff was smiley and welcoming.  There were 2 or 3 people mixing, pouring and frosting in the little open kitchen and it smelled woonnnnnderful in there.
I asked the person helping me which was his favorite flavor and his response made it quite clear that he adores these treats. Everything looked appealing so I decided to let him choose my 1/2 dozen for me. I asked if they freeze well and was told that yes they do, just take them out an hour before you want one. Hooray! My plan was to eat one and freeze the rest for another day. 
These cupcakes are a nice petite size- not the overwhelmingly enormous ones that so many of the other cupcake shops sell. The one I chose to eat today was the counter guy’s favorite, chocolate sweet & salty. 
The salty, caramel frosting was excellent. I am VERY picky when it comes to frosting- I almost always prefer none at all. This had NONE of the qualities that I dislike about frosting. It wasn’t the least bit oily or chemically, not too dense, light and fluffy and a deeeeeelicious combo of flavors. The salt cut the sugary sweetness so perfectly that the flavors really stood on their own rather than competing. The caramel swirl on top added a sticky, gooey component that enhanced the whole cupcake. The cake itself was the only part that I wasn’t thrilled about, and that just seems silly. It pretty much fell apart after my first bite and was so crumbly that I wound up eating it with a spoon. The flavor of the cake was a rich, deep chocolate, but the texture wasn’t impressive. Dry and crumbly instead of moist and spongy. It wasn’t bad, but did not live up to the bar that was set by the above-average frosting. 
Then I put the remaining 5 cupcakes into the freezer.
2 hour later I went back in. 
I chose the cookies & cream. Instead of waiting the suggested hour before eating I dug right in. After all, they’d only been in there for 2 hours and weren’t frozen solid yet. YUM! Good choice! Now I’m really not sure if this was simply a moister, better cake or if the freezer time actually helped but either way, WOW! It had a cookies and cream filling and frosting with a vanilla cake and it was fabulous. Now I’m confused. I need your input! Go visit the purple elephant and leave your comments here! 
Overall, I think it’s a good neighborhood cupcake shop and If I have a craving without enough time to run down to Kyotofu for my absolute favorite cupcake in the city, I’ll probably drop in again.

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