Daily Archives: March 19, 2011

>Boat Basin Cafe: W. 79th at Riverside Drive. New York, NY



This might be the absolute perfect ending to a beautiful 5 mile run on a sunny Saturday. My friend and I wound up here at the end of our route today and decided to have lunch outside. Within a few minutes of sitting down, we were freezing and decided to go sit by the heat lamps in the covered section instead…Muuuuuucccchhh better. I ❤ heat lamps.

We both had turkey burgers with cheese (that came with potato chips) and they totally hit the spot. Nothing to write home about food-wise, but it’s the location that’s key here. Where else can you eat a $10 lunch while looking out onto the Hudson? And the burgers really were pretty good. Was it because we’d just had a great run and were starving, or were they actually really good? I’m not sure…and I’ll probably never know since I most likely will only be eating here post-run.

That said, I plan to do that pretty often from here on out now that I know about it! The menu was small and simple, but had the things I’d want for lunch like a burger, a grilled chicken sandwich or a caesar salad.
I also REALLY liked the crowd…Mostly filled with my type of people… bicyclists and runners pre or post exercising. It felt like really comfortable group to be around when I was in no makeup, hair in a ponytail, sweaty and in running clothes. I imagine that might change as we get into warmer months ahead and the crowds get thicker. Today was a quiet day (the outside picture up on the top left is not from today) and there were only about 30 people total there.
Next time I go for a run on the west side I will surely be back!