Lucky Plaza: 81 Christie st. New York, NY


Like all good Jews, Gabriel and I had big plans for Chinese food and a movie on Christmas. We decided it would be fun to wander around Chinatown on a quest for Lychees (one of my favorite snacks that we learned are totally out of season right now) and various types of dried fish. (aka: cat-treats) While we did not find lychees, we DID manage to find longan (aka: dragon eyes, and rightfully so) and a pretty overpriced and not-very-good Chinese restaurant. Go figure.

There are SO many awesome and dirt cheap places in Chinatown that I’m really not quite sure how we managed to go to this one. It’s not that the food was awful, but it wasn’t great either.

We ordered pork juicy buns- well, actually we ordered crab/pork (see what good Jews we are? hahaha) juicy buns but were told they were out of crab. Oookkkay. We ordered jellyfish and squid stir fry…but then we were told they were out of jellyfish. Ooookkkay. We ordered fried rice, mixed vegetables and crispy oysters. Everything was so- so. The oysters were basically just a plate of tempura oysters, with no sauce. When we asked what we were supposed to dip them in, they pointed to the red vinegar (which poor Gabriel tried and nearly spit out). When we asked again, they brought out a miniscule bowl of duck sauce. Ookkkay. The fried rice was pretty good- and thank goodness for that since it’s basically what we filled up on. The vegetables were fresh and cooked nicely- but the sauce they were in was too greasy/slimy for my liking. The dumplings were also eh. So. Ya. Booooooo.

When we got the $46 check and realized what our money could have bought us instead, we were none too thrilled. Seriously? Oooookkkkay.

Oh well. Next Christmas we’ve decided we are going to be on a beach somewhere anyway.

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