>Eli’s 1411 3rd Ave New York, NY


I have a love/hate relationship with Eli’s. It’s SO beautiful and fun to shop there…but yet, SO SO SO crazy overpriced. I did my weekly shopping here yesterday for a fun, indoor activity- since it’s about 95 degrees out and I wanted to get out of my apt in some other a/c’ed environment….My normal weekly shopping costs about $50-$75 depending on how creative I am planning to get with my dinners…Here, it cost me $129. Insane…As I unpacked my groceries, I noticed that produce especially was just over-the-top expensive. I (I am embarrased to say) paid $7.99 for organic blackberries and $13.99 for organic sugar snap peas. WHAT?? Cleverly, the produce is marketed in such a pretty way (with the prices written on a blackboard seperately- which kept me from the awareness level that should have protected my wallet) that I bought it anyway. NEVER again. Next time I’ll be going back to Ramon, my favorite corner-produce stand guy, who always has great, fresh stuff AND always throws in some free fruits for me


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