>Treats Truck (changes location daily, google-able)


I heard about this truck a few months ago and opted to sign up on their email notification list…Finally, today, for the very first time, my schedule put me a mere 3 blocks from where the truck was parked. OHboyohboyohboy. I knew I had built it up to a very unfair expectation status. INCREDIBLE. How was I to know that it would exceed even MY ridiculously set standards. Fantastic warm, fluffy, inviting baked goods, with a fantastic warm, fluffy , inviting owner/operator/baker entrepenuer. It’s true- she does give lots of free samples- and she does it happily. I think it truly pleases her to see people enjoying her creations. ..Well, it does work very well to keep people coming back and buying more and more too. I’ll be back for sure.
Go, enjoy!

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