>Beyoglu: 200 East 81st st NY, NY



This is a great restaurant to go to on a nice day. The outdoor seating is lovely with cute little blue-tiled tables and great people watching. It gets pretty crowded and there is usually a wait for the outdoor seats, but assuming you aren’t starving and/or super impatient, it’s worth waiting for. It’s a great place for a date as there are lots of nice small plates to share, and the waitstaff is great about checking on you ‘just’ the right amount. I’ve actually lingered here chatting for hours and appreciated that they don’t rush you out and they don’t bother you. You do get frequent water fill-ups which I love. Just about everything is perfectly complimented by the awesome fluffy flatbread that is quickly replaced when you finish it. I suggest the hummus, the cacik (yogurt with cucumbers & garlic) and the delicious Beyoglu salad. I’ve eaten inside here too, but don’t like it nearly as much. It’s an okay atmosphere, but on the dark side and the acoustics make for shouting matches to hear your dining companion.


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