>Candle 79 154 E 79th St New York, NY


Hype Hype Hype. I am really getting sick of sub-par vegetarian places that get slammin’ reviews. I can cook better than this with a blind fold, nose plug and a hand tied behind my back…AND I would never charge you 200 times the cost of the indredients for the meal!
The atmosphere is nice- and if there wasn’t a group of 3 obnoxiously loud girls sitting next to us, it would have been even better. The waitress, though polite when she came around, didn’t even check on us after we were served our bland meals…and we had to flag her down to order dessert. Actually, the bus boys were the best part of the staff- refilled water frequently and cleared plates in a very timely manner.
Overpriced, under-talented, Completely and totally overrated.


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