>Galaxy Global Eatery 15 Irving Place, NY NY


We should have known to pay attention when this place was nearly empty and there was a wait everywhere else in Union Square last night. But, alas, we were hungry, and the menu looked quite appealing for me and my vegan friend. It also has a lovely blue galaxy-like ceiling which was nice- and the booths were cozy and quiet. Ok. Let’s start with the air conditioning. Blowing on us so hard that our candle wouldn’t stay lit. Next came the kimchi pancake appetizer. Looked kind of like potato latkas. One bite was very meh. The next bite had a piece of plastic in it. Now, mind you, I realize this is not the waitresses fault, and when I pointed it out to her she did exactly what she was supposed to do- apologize and take it away. She did not, however, offer another app at no charge or maybe a free drink/dessert. The entree- shrimp soft tacos, was pretty good actually- but they forgot the guac and I had to request it. My friends’ entree sucked. So not going back. Oh well. Plenty of other choices in the area.


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