>Shake Shack. E 23rd St & Madison Ave AND 366 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY


Now that’s a darn good burger. If you have plenty O’ time to wait in that long line, it really is worth it…and who doesn’t like eating outside in the park on a lovely day? I had a shack burger and shared fries with my Dad and Bro. Deeeeelicious.

Follow up:
DANGER: A new one opened. SHIT. It’s MUCH closer to where I live AND there is never a long line AND there are indoor tables to sit at. Now I’m really in trouble. In boot camp, my nickname became ‘shake shack’ because going to get a concrete and a burger after our workout was frequently my reward for working my ass off. Concretes are AMAZING. Ya know what else is amazing? The ridiculous vegetarian option. You THINK you are making a healthy choice but noooooooo, not even close. This portobello burger is deep-fried with cheese in between 2 mushrooms. AND it has some creamy mayo-y sauce on it to boot. HAHA. Ya. Not that figure friendly after all….but sooooooooooo yummy.

Follow UP:
OMG OMG OMG even more danger coming. They are opening another new one and it’s even closer to my place. Guess my 10 mile runs are going to start happening more often. Oiy.


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