>Land: Northeast Thai 1565 2nd Avenue New York, NY


I am a runner. My motto is, “I run so I can eat.” For anyone else who is a runner, you probably understand that on tough miles you sometimes have to silently chant mantras over and over to keep going. One of my mantras is, “sticky rice. sticky rice. sticky rice”. It motivates me to keep running, to finish whatever challenge I’ve set out on and look forward to getting home to order in from Land Northeast Thai. My favorites from them are: the land salad with beets and delicious peanut sauce, the massman curry chicken (with, of course, a side of sticky rice), the satay appetizer with 3 different skewers of deliciousness, and the mixed appetizers- which gives you a nice sampling of puffy things and dumpling things with 3 different sauces. I often make a meal out of 2 apps, or 1 entree, or I order in an app and an entree and can get 2 full dinners out of it. Whatever you do though, make SURE to save room for the mango sticky rice dessert. As a crazy chocoholic, it’s rare that I stray dessert-wise, but this one? Wow. This one is good enough that the thought of it alone can get me through a 10 mile run.


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