>Good Health Cafe 1435 1st Avenue New York, NY



Looks can be deceiving. I’ve walked past this restaurant a thousand times but never went in because it’s so plain and dark inside. This is the exact reason that delivery exists. Eating wonderful food in your own home turns it into a 4 star meal. Vegetarian bean tacos/enchiladas and amazing guacamole. Unbelievably creamy sweet potato soup. I decided to indulge in the ‘guilt-free, dairy-free, egg-free chocolate mousse cake’ and OHMYGOD it was, as my dear friend would say, INSANELY GOOD. Is this really guilt-free?? I kind of doubt it, but it’s so worth it anyway.


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  1. Great recommendation on the Good Health Cafe. I ordered takeout there this evening. I also was deceived by the darkness while passing by. I haved lived in this neighborhood since last September, and I have finally walked into the place because I looked at your review. Thanks Bigforkinmouth! I am happy you have your archive of NY Eateries even though you are a Floridian now!

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