>Mx’co 1491 Second Ave Manhattan, NY


I had a great date here last week. We got seated right away even though it looked pack upon our arrival. Chips were good and fresh, salsa was eh. Guac was quite good and had an unusual herb in it- not cilantro..maybe basil?? The waitress was unsure of what it was which was a little odd. I had the artichoke quesadillas which were the perfect portion size since I wasn’t starving. Lovely delicate flavor, and very fresh tasting. I also had a mojito- which was VERY good but VERY strong…Most people would probably love that, but for me, it meant I could only handle about 3/4 of it before cutting myself off. The atmosphere is cute- maybe slightly on the tacky side, though the maraca light fixtures are adorable and festive. The waitress was friendly and attentive, but not at all overbearing (which is one of my least favorite problems with service in a lot of the UES restaurants) I’ll go back for sure- probably more fun with a big rowdy group than a romantic date. It was nice that they let us linger in peace- and they did give us a relatively quiet table in the corner. I was surprised to find out that it’s the same owners as the Vinyl that it replaced..No comparison between the 2 food quality wise- this is FAR better and a welcome addition to the UES.

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