>The Corner Cafe and Bakery 1645 3rd Avenue New York, NY


I took my G’ma here for lunch today and it was just delightful. We both had great omelettes which were as thin as crepes, cooked perfectly and filled with great fresh veggies. It came with the most ridiculously decedent little mound of mashed potatoes with cheese and a grilled corn muffin. I also had a fresh OJ that was ‘eh’, but I blame that on the oranges. It was fairly quiet and comfortable, and one step nicer than a diner in terms of atmosphere. The strainer light fixtures overhead are very cute. I would go back for sure. The only strange thing was the service. Our waiter would stop by every 3 minutes for 20 minutes, and then would disappear for 20 minutes. He did this for the whole hour and a half that we were there. weird weird weird.

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