>Ottomanelli’s Cafe 86 1626 York Ave Frnt New York, NY (multiple locations) Butcher shop at 82nd st and York ave


I LOVE Otto’s. I’ve been ordering in and dining here for about a year now and have never been less than thrilled about my bang-for-the buck. Delivery is super fast..Food is plentiful, fresh and delicioso. My favorite part of the delivery experience is that when you call and ask to hear the specials, you think you aren’t understanding one word of what the heavily-accented waiter is saying..But lo and behold, he finishes speaking (warpspeed fast) and you realize that you actually understood everything he said. Yes, I WILL have the garlic bread, Yes! I would like to hear about the desserts. Thanks Mr. nice thick accent man. You are the best. Try the rigotoni with chicken and artichokes and ask them to add fresh mozzerella. YUM. Or, if you are feeling iron depleted, try the awesome sliced steak sandwich.

Update March 2011: I DO still love Otto’s cafe…but I thought I’d add how much I love their butcher shop down the street a bit on 82nd and York ave. They make AMAZING sandwiches. I particularly love the smashed meatball, the chicken cutlets and the italians- usually on a roll or a baguette. I frequently grab a chopped salad and 1/4lb of tuna or chicken salad for a picnic near the river. Aside from that, it’s the best place to buy any kind of meat in the area, not to mention their frozen pastas. It has a wonderful old-world family-run feel to it and the people who work there are warm and helpful. There is often sawdust on the floor which I find particularly charming. Go check it out!


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