>Pick a Bagel 1475 2nd Ave New York, NY


Really not too shabby for a bagel chain. They are reliable and the food is always fresh. The bonus is that they carry Munchee cheese. Not muenster, munchee, the sweeter creamier cousin of muenster. I adore it, and it can be kind of tough to find.
The one thing I hate is that they tend to get a little creative with the pricing. It seems like I could go in on 10 different occasions, order the same thing every time, and get charged something completely different each time. Pretty annoying. Oh, and their rainbow cakes (something which I consider myself a connoiseur of) are pretty bad.

Follow up:
I have grown fonder and fonder of pick a bagel. I LOVE the whole wheat flat bagel toasted with baked salmon salad and go back almost weekly for it. The one on lex by the subway is TOTALLY not as good as this one


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