>Pyramida 401 E 78th St New York, NY


>This is one of my “go-to” delivery spots..I can’t believe it took me this long to write a review! The staff is very polite and good about mentioning substitutions etc. The food is AMAZING. Some of the best falafel I’ve ever had and the pita is seriously like bits of heaven. Fluffy, light and SO filling. I love the tzatiki sauce- and am often appaled to find other middle eastern places that don’t offer it. The grilled chicken and veggies is also great- a platter that you will easily get 2 or 3 meals out of..I always order extra pitas to accompany tomorrow night’s leftover dinner. Also worth a try, the frothy lemonade..really tart and refreshing on a hot day. Oh, ok, I get it in the winter too 🙂 The sides are slighty too salty for my taste (but I tend to like a lot less salt than most people)  but everything is always fresh and seems to be a pretty healthy choice. I think their business would be increased 10 fold if the interior was a bit nicer and more welcoming..It’s really more like a food stand and not really worth staying to sit at one of 3 plastic tables…It ‘s very nice that it’s a block away from my house so it’s just as easy to go home to eat. If you’re nice to me (and you buy me something), you can come over to eat here too.

Follow up:
I just want to add that I REALLY wish they’d add a small size for the lemonade. As much as I love it, I never get it because it’s just way too expensive. $4.50! If I could pay half as much for a small, I’d be in there all the time! If I want to spend that much for something cool and refreshing, I’d rather go around the corner to Sedutto for a fro yo.

Follow up:
YES! Ask and you shall receive! I realized that when I wrote that last addendum about not having a small lemonade size that I should at *least* talk to them about it to see if they’d accommodate my request and lo and behold, with a big smile, they DID!!! So, now whenever I want a little delicious frothy tart drink I can go in and get an 8 ounce one for $2.75. This makes me a happy lemonade drinker for sure, and gives me even more reason to yelp about how AWESOME Pyramida is!!! YAHOOOO for Pyramida!

Follow up: WONDERFUL news! I stopped in today to say hi and to tell them about my review of their place on here..and I got SUCH awesome news…In 2 short weeks they will be moving and having a grand opening at their newer/bigger/better location! Wooohooo! It will be moving to 1402 second ave (the corner of 2nd and 73rd) and will be known as Pyramida Grill. The best part? They will have seating for 30! YES! Here’s for continued success to Matthew and the rest of the gang at Pyramida.


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  1. I visited the old location awhile back. The prices are more expensive than other falafel joints, but the qualities were fresh and I was glad to see the owner behind the counter and not some hired labor. I need to stop by the new location soon!

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