>Pickles and Olives 1647 1st Ave New York, NY


I never even used to like olives, save for the tasteless black olive slices found on pizza- but then again, what item, when smothered in cheese, sauce and pizza dough is NOT delicious? Anyway, I was over at a friend’s house making dinner and saw like 6 differerent plastic containers in his fridge filled with olives. I was like, huh? Why so many kinds? And it was then that my new found taste for olives began it’s development. Green olives hand stuffed with gorgonzola. Stuffed with goat cheese. Stuffed with provolone. Spicy little tiny black olives with pits. WOW. So, I went in. I had a lovely time telling the olive maestro which ones I wanted to try as he moved around from barrel to barrel filling up containers. And then we moved on to the pickles. Horseradish pickles. The BEST new pickles ever. Super garlicky-licious pickles. I have now made a schedule change to include a once monthly stock-up visit. I LOVE finding new reasons to love living on the UES even though I constantly get harrassed for it by my downtown and brooklyn based friends. Ha! So there. You don’t have an amazing pickle and olive place within walking distance do you? So ha. I do. And if you want, come visit my up here in “above 14th st land” and I’ll take you there.

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