>Cafe Greco 1390 2nd Ave Frnt New York, NY


I *think* our waiter was just trying to be funny, but he was really just an ass. He made mistakes with 3 orders and when we asked him a question he would just walk away to go get the menu to explain the answer. Not good. The food was very eh. It’s supposed to be a greek restuarant, but more than half of the menu was filled with parmegianas and francais’s. heh? Our waiter pretty strongly advised us not to bother with anything aside from the fish. The fish was fresh but flavorless. The sides were kind of like airplane food. The menus in this place are also really weird. You get a regular menu, a prix fix menu and a specials of the day menu. You have to keep cross referencing all three of them to make any sense of it. What the crap is up with that? The best part by far, and really the only part worth mentioning, were the profiteroles. They were excellent. There are about 50 other places within a 10 block radius of this one that I’d have much rather gone to. Ya win some ya lose some.


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