>One Fish, Two Fish: 1399 Madison Ave. NY NY



I attended a baby shower for a friend here and was pleased to see lots of De La Vega art on the walls.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_De_La_Vega) Aside from that and particularly efficient waitstaff, this restaurant is not what you’d expect of a Madison Ave address.
The luncheon included salad (very basic no frills), a beverage ( I had a 1/2 ice tea, 1/2 lemonade- yum!), and a choice of a 3 entrees: Fish & Chips, Chicken Parmesan with linguine or Salmon with a baked potato. I was actually surprised by the chicken parm….but I kind of wrote it off to: 1) being really hungry and 2) the fact that if you bread & deep fry anything, and then melt some mozzarella on top, it’s pretty hard to make it taste bad. That said, credit where credit it is due. The chicken was crispy- not at all soggy, and the cheese was broiled the perfect amount. The pasta, however, was unremarkable. The grated Parmesan that came with it in a plastic cup? Well, I’m pretty sure it came out of a green can.
 Overall, this wasn’t much different than a good diner. I’d be somewhat interested in going back for seafood since judging a seafood restaurant on it’s Italian chicken dish doesn’t seem quite fair. The reality, however, is that the chances of me walking 35 minutes to go to a decent diner type place for a second try  are pretty darn slim. If you go in for seafood and it’s wonderful, will you please let me know? Thanks 🙂


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